Advertising that moves people.  This is Stephen Aldridge, the guy I use exclusively as my videographer.  Together we’ve produced dozens of commercials, clips, and videos of all kinds – each designed to do something… Move people.

If you first make your viewers think, you’ve lost them.  If you want someone to act, first you have to make them feel.

If it doesn’t sell – it isn’t creative.David Ogilvy
Ogilvy & Mather Advertising

This was shot around areas of St. George, Utah in February.  The red rocks, blue skies, and snow covered mountains provide a colorful background for the video.

When creating or scripting a video or advertisement, most business owners want something that just talks about themselves.  This is an example of a simple yet powerful ad that goes against the the default assumption that an ad has to be a “look at us” piece.  It’s about the parents and their kids.  “We do what we do – so great kids can keep doing great things.” This ad is about the result rather than the process or the people.

This s an example of a “documercial” style video – documentary & commercial combined.  These are really effective in promoting an idea while at the same time getting the audience to know the people, the places, and the feeling portrayed in the video.

A documentary style video by Stephen Aldridge.  A few members of the Bishop Hendricken Football team talk about the team and their experience of winning the Rhode Island Division 1 State Championship.   Here you can see how a good videographer can combine new footage and interviews with older existing clips of lesser quality and still make it look good.

This was a “quick and dirty” compilation style video designed for movie theaters and YouTube ads.  The content was compiled from all kinds of existing video formats and video quality levels because it was needed before we had really done any professional shooting.  It was extremely successful and ran for over a year.

The intense sound track interrupts the audience and captures their attention where stereotypical ads follow the same as everyone else format that viewers can easily ignore.  The ad was tested in several theaters in the first week, each theater showing it in the rotation of about 3 times before the featured movie start time.  At every test and observation throughout the entire year, audiences talked through the other ads and immediately stopped and watched this ad in its entirety.