Dane Shakespear - Data Driven Marketing
Data Driven Marketing – Cartoon Illustration
Manti Temple pictures by Dane Shakespeare
Manti Temple – by Dane Shakespear

The LDS Manti Temple in Manti, UT after a rainstorm. After doing a shoot for a client in Salt Lake City, I decided to take the scenic back roads to St. George (the long way) and was lucky enough to get a shot of this beautiful structure built in 1888.  Interestingly enough, the picture was taken handheld with a relatively poor lens – Canon EOS 70D with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens.  The lens a stock lens or a kit lens and is rarely used, but I left my best lenses in Salt Lake City to be cleaned and calibrated so I was happy that it turned out.

The most common question I get is whether or not these pictures are real or not.  Some say it looks like a painting when printed on canvas, others wonder if it is a composite or if the clouds were added.  Actually, it is a single shot and the clouds are real.  It’s amazing how the rain brightens up everything, especially when the sun comes out and lights it all up. (Canon EOS 70D with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens)

Native Dancer by Dane Shakespear
Tribal Gathering Photo Shoot

Over the weekend I attended a Native American powwow gathering in Southern Utah to shoot some photos for a client.  An amazing assortment of colors throughout all of the dancers costumes.  There were tribes represented from all over the southwest.  (Canon 70D 55-250mm)

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Do Your Marketing While You’re Busy

Things take time. Opportunities often develop very slowly – it may be weeks or months from the time a contact or connection is made before it develops into business. If you wait until business slows down to begin your marketing efforts it may be too late for it to pull you out of the lull.

80/20 Sales and Marketing Book Cover

80/20 Sales and Marketing (Entrepreneur Press, 2013)

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall

I’ve worked with Perry Marshall for a number of years.  We meet together several times a year – I use him as a sounding board for my biggest ideas and toughest problems. I’ve watched the 80/20 principles he covers in his book percolate in his mind and discussions over the years as he was pulling it all together.  He describes how it all came together, some of the surprises and epiphanies he had as he tested and retested the principles of 80/20.  There have been a number of books about 80/20 – the most notable being Richard Koch who wrote the forward to Perry’s book.

One of the most interesting and valuable additions to the 80/20 theory Perry provides is the “skew curve” calculator that lets you analyze visually the relationship between values (costs, customers.. anything) according to the 80/20 distribution.

Several months before the book was completed, Perry and I spent an hour running numbers through the calculator to predict the outcome and effect changing the pricing structure for a client who sells a $60,000 product.  The beauty of 80/20 is that you can actually predict distributions.

Using the calculator we discovered that if I changed the pricing structure from a single level to a three tier level I could almost immediately double the clients income while keeping the same number of customers – and with only a small amount of work to make it happen.

That’s the kind of leverage 80/20 provides.  Perry’s book isn’t the dry, jargon filled text  you might expect from a book dealing in mathematics and probability.  Perry’s writing style is easy to read and understand. His ideas are easy to implement.  This is one of those books I’ve recommended to all of my clients and their staff.