Join Bing Ads experts in New York City on April 4, 2014. Engage with experts, learn about search marketing opportunities, and walk away with skills to fine-tune your Bing Ads campaigns for increased performance.

Date:April 4, 2014
Event:Bing Ads Connect - New York
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My brain-trust.  Round Table is a members-only event where 12 of us meet quarterly to share all the latest ideas, strategies and tools for competing in digital marketing, pay-per-click, and more.  An outstanding group of people.  I have a deep bag of tricks, but together we have an even deeper bag of tricks that solve even the toughest problems we encounter.

Date:October 8, 2014—October 10, 2014
Event:Round Table with Perry Marshall

The Search Marketing Expo is an event that covers paid search, SEO, social media marketing, mobile search and more.  A great resource for connecting with top players in the Search Marketing arena.

Date:March 11, 2014—March 14, 2014
Event:SMX West

DerbyCon is probably one of the coolest infosec conferences in existence.  This is one I look forward to every year.  As you know, many of my clients are viciously attacked through the Internet via DDOS, direct hacking attacks, defacement, and reputation warfare.  My background in information security gives me the tools to effectively deal with these situations for my clients.  DerbyCon is one of those places we get together to learn the latest exploits and defense against the dark arts.

Date:September 24, 2014—September 28, 2014
Event:DerbyCon 2014