Achieving Outstanding Business Success (San Francisco: Broadmoore Press, 2005)

This is a book that I wrote in 2005 when I began focusing the bulk of my consulting efforts on high-cost products and services.  I was being contacted regularly by small business owners who had great ideas and great products, but there were too many that I couldn’t work with.  It was just too much to respond to every email and talk to every business owner, so I got together with another consultant friend of mine and outlined a book which was picked up by Broadmoore Press later that fall.

This book is the compilation of several key concepts and strategies that any business owner should think about and implement.

Although it is a few years old (I’ve been doing this a long time), the concepts in it are absolutely timeless and can be implemented in any business.

If you’re an Consultant or sell high-cost products or services, pay special attention to the following sections and chapters:

  • Introduction – “The Business You’re In” Explains why you can’t compete long term on product and price alone.
  • Chapter 4 “Why People Buy”
  • Chapter 6 “The Four Primary Ways to Grow Your Business”
  • Chapter 8 “The Skill of Positioning”
  • Chapter 9 “Why Should Your Clients Do Business With You, Rather Than Your Competition?”
  • Chapter 12 “Establish Preeminence In Your Area of Expertise”
  • Chapter 16 “The Three Most Important Things in Advertising” – This applies directly to Pay-Per-Click and Internet Advertising.

My new book “Everything Communicates” scheduled for publishing next fall by Broadmoore Press goes deep into marketing and sales in the competitive markets of high-ticket products and services.

He re-branded our company, fixed our marketing, and got us noticed and absorbed by an Italian manufacturer. He knows his stuff.Ray Lopez
Blackhawk Armory

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