Manti Temple pictures by Dane Shakespeare
Manti Temple Pictures – by Dane Shakespear

The LDS Manti Temple in Manti, UT after a rainstorm. After doing a shoot for a client in Salt Lake City, I decided to take the scenic back roads to St. George (the long way) and was lucky enough to get a shot of this beautiful structure built in 1888.  Interestingly enough, the picture was taken hand held with a relatively poor lens – Canon EOS 70D with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens.  The lens a stock lens or a kit lens and is rarely used, but I left my best lenses in Salt Lake City to be cleaned and calibrated so I was happy that it turned out.

The most common question I get is whether or not these Manti Temple pictures are real or not.  Some say it looks like a painting when printed on canvas, others wonder if it is a composite or if the clouds were added.  Actually it is a single shot and the clouds are real.  It’s amazing how the rain brightens up everything, especially when the sun comes out and lights it all up.

How to Get Manti Temple Prints

After creating a few Manti Temple prints on canvas for a few friends and family members, I posted this photo on my website and was stunned by the number of people who found it on Google image search and contacted me to find out how to get a print of the photograph for themselves. So I’ve embedded a shopping cart from the printing service I use for myself and clients below.  If you’re interested in getting a framed print on paper or canvas, this is where you go. Thanks for all of the interest in this photograph. What’s in my bag? (Canon EOS 70D with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens)